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Gitte Jæger Hurtigkarl

My mission in life is optimizing the body and mind in function of our everyday lives.

Body and Mind are not automatically healthy and well-being nore strong enough to resist every potential challenge we meet. Therefore we must exercise both our bodies and our minds, learning how to optimize their function and their internal and fundamental dependence. I became PILATES-physiotherapist many years ago and have been practising and teaching ever since ... WHY? Because Pilates can guide and help anybody to become stronger and more healthy no matter their background, fysics problems operations diagnosice etc. Pilates can challenge you if you´re an professional sports athlete and also challenge sick and non-athletic people.

I can help you and guide you - combining pilates principles with my own VEXT principles - to start exercising at exactly your functional level. I will help you succeed and re-discover your own inner power and strength a long with your body and mind´s capacity for improving your function and movements as well as your health.

Education and courses for instructors is a natural outcome of my desire and wish to inspire and teach other people the "pilates world" and the never-ending travel with perfection, precision, breathing and health in every exercise and everyday movement.

If you want to begin or continue your own travel in the fantastic Pilates world I would love to see you joining one of my courses.

Physiotherapist since 1997

More than 20 years experience with teaching, training, rehabilitation

Pilates teaching and training since 2002, PilatesBalance Cph.

BASI Pilates Comprehensive Teacher, Int. cert. in 2015
Master in Health pedagogy, 2004 DPU Emdrup/Århus University DK.

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